Marshall Linn
MSRB Registered

Marshall Linn
P: (661) 434-1151 ext. 701
C: (714) 833-1851

Over the last 47 years Marshall Linn has worked with more than 250 governmental jurisdictions in structuring of their debt issues. The par value of his financial advisory transactions exceeds well over $7,000,000,000.

Prior to becoming a municipal advisor, Marshall started his career working for the City of Garden Grove as a city planner, then subsequently accepted positions with the City of El Monte, Los Angeles and Fullerton.

After departing employment from the public sector, Marshall spent a few years teaching at Cal Poly Pomona and the University of California Irvine.

In 1972 Marshall founded Urban Futures, inc. for which he served as its CEO of 43 years. In 2015 he sold off the financial advisory portion of the firm and kept the multi-family compliance division, called Urban Futures Bond Administration, Inc., which has grown into one of the largest compliance monitoring firms in the USA. In 2017, along with Barbara Boswell, he co-founded the Bayshore Consulting Group, Inc. In 2018, Mark Bozigian joined the firm as an equal partner.

By helping form the Bayshore Consulting Group Marshall has been able to continue with his financial advisory practice in which he has served over 150 clients over the past years. During that period of time,  Marshall has structured for issuance over 275 transactions

Marshall is a Vietnam veteran and served as an active duty member and a reservist for 6 years. Marshall holds a BA and MPA from the University of Southern California. He is a registered Municipal Advisor with the MSRB and SEC (series 50).